Hyderabad: Sindh Universities employees refuse to call off strike

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Hyderabad: Sindh Universities employees refuse to call off strike
HYDERABAD, March 2: Employees of the public sector universities of Sindh in Jamshoro, Tandojam, Khairpur and Nawabshah continued their strike and resorted to lock-out on the second consecutive day on Wednesday.
No point bus was allowed to leave the university campus at Jamshoro. The administration of Sindh University hired private buses, but the protesting employees stopped them on the Super Highway.
In view of the prevailing situation, drivers of Sindh, Mehran and Liaquat Medical universities refused to operate buses.
Reports said that at the LUMHS campus, police resorted to baton charge to disperse the protesting employees and also took into custody more than 12 employees Leaders of the employees Mohammad Ali Ghanghro of Sindh University, Nazeer Qureshi of LUMHS and Ghulam Mustafa Khokhar of Mehran University have made it clear that the protest would not be called off unless their problems were resolved.
Employees of Sindh Agriculture University of Tandojam also observed a strike and locked up the offices.
Meanwhile, the Shagird Action Committee of Sindh Agriculture University has threatened to stage a long march up to Hyderabad on Monday if the academic activities are not resumed and the point buses were not run.
KHAIRPUR: Shah Abdul Latif University Employees Welfare Association (SALUEWA) locked the offices to protest against inattentive behaviour of the administration regarding their demands.
Later, they staged a sit-in outside the science faculty building. The Model School of SALU also remained closed.
Students could not reach university because pointbuses did not ply on the routes due to the protest whereas the hostellers left for homes.
President of SALUEWA Sheharyar Rajput, general secretary Mohammad Aslam Ghumro, Ali Gohar Narejo, Bagh Ali Jalbani and Aslam Baloch said in their speeches that vice-chancellors had powers to resolve their problems, but they were neglecting workers.
They alleged that the Sindh governor, who is also chancellor of the universities, had no interest in any of the universities of Sindh and his practices showed that he was the governor of Karachi only. They appealed to the saner elements of Sindh to raise their voice and support university employees in their struggle.
Some officers of SALU, Khairpur, met the protesting employees, who were briefed by leaders of employees.
The employees complained that after lapse of 35 days, the officers concerned did not give any response to their protest.
NAWABSHAH: Members of the Welfare Association of Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology of Nawabshah continued their boycott of duties and held a demonstration.
Carrying placards, they were chanting slogans for acceptance of their demands.
Protesters, led by president of the association Pir Bux Keerio, said that they had been demanding removal of retired staff, a residential colony for lower staff and some financial incentives.

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  1. Rasheed (China)

    I got surprised and became horrendous when i read about this un-necessary and intolerable strike. These types of strikes never harm Teacher neither employees but directly to the future of students. What these lame brained employee leaders want?, just for their personal favor and some money the give a hefty kick to the future of poor students, will they lead us (the upcoming generation of Pakistan), and the teachers…… My God… that would be like blind leading blind. these criminal mind convicts should be imprisoned for a long time and should be taught a strict lesson. Iam proud of Sindh Agriculture University’s the Shagird Action Committee and being the student of this institute… Rasheed from China (Northwest A&F University)


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