EDUCATORS HISTORY in Punjab School Education Dept (PSED)

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EDUCATORS HISTORY in Punjab School Education Dept (PSED)

(Written By Muhammad Farooq)

In the year 2002, first recruitment of Educators was made in Punjab. This recruitment was school specific which means school based merit and non transferable at any cost. Following Salaries were offered at that time:-

  • SSE = 5500 fixed plus 275 Annual Increment
  • SESE = 4500 fixed plus 220 Annual Increment
  • ESE = 4250 fixed plus 200 Annual Increment
  • Increase in budget was not given to educators.

SSE was considered Junior to EST and EST used to be Head Teacher in the schools where there was no regular Headmaster or regular SST.
Educators were not allowed to avail any kind of leave except C.Leave. Medical Leave was given without pay. SSEs were not eligible for duty as Superintendent in exam. In short, educators were placed at the superlative degree of humiliation and disgrace.

In the year 2004, another batch was recruited on the same conditions. In 2005, some senior educators including me, while appearing in PPSC examination at Lahore, gathered in a mosque to discuss our problems as Educators. It was decided that an association be organized to represent educators. This association was given the name of Punjab Educators Association. Abdul Razzaq Niazi from Mianwali was chosen as Provincial President. He rendered great services and made efforts to raise the standard of educators. In the budget of 2006, educators were first time given 15% increase in their pay package.

3rd batch of Educators

Third batch of educators was recruited in 2006 under the same old terms and conditions. But continued its struggles and in the year 2007, mutual transfer was allowed to educators.
On 22/12/2006, the package for educators was revised which was as under;
SSE = 6500 fixed plus 300 Annual Increment
SESE = 5500 plus 250 Annual Increment
ESE = 5000 plus 225 Annual Increment

School Educators History of Punjab Education Department
School Educators History of Punjab Education Department

Abdul Razzaq Niazi and his team continued fighting for the rights of educators. At last, on 25/9/2007, Ch Parvez Ellahi, the former CM Punjab announced a great package for the teachers which has no parallel. Educators were given pay scales of their respective posts. SSE in Scale 16, SESE in Scale 9 and ESE in Scale 7. Upward Mobility Scheme was also introduced by Ch Parvez Ellahi.

In the year 2009, another batch was recruited with slightly soft conditions. But still bureaucrats and Politicians were not ready to regularize educators who had worked on contract base for seven years. A petition was also filed by in Supreme Court for regularization. Former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary took serious notice and asked Punjab Govt to regularize the educators within a month. On 19/10/2009, the educators were regularized under strict terms and conditions. Increments already earned by them were converted into Personal Allowance and they were brought to the initial stage of their pay scales once again.

Educators NTS test Result 2017

Previous service was not to count for seniority, pension or graduity etc. The educators who were recruited under Recruitment of 2009 but joined after 19/10/2009 were not regularized. They had to wait for two years for their regularization. Their regularization order was issued on 10/9/2011. So the representatives of educators decided to continue work at the platform.

In the year 2012 and 2014, more educators were recruited who are not yet regularized. is working hard for them also. Insha Allah,

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