CDA Islamabad employees group gets booked CDA chairman for threats

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CDA Islamabad employees group gets booked CDA chairman for threatsOfficers say the group defeated in CBA elections and affiliated with PPP blackmailing management

chairman CDA Imtiaz Inayat Elahi

ISLAMABAD (June 12, 2011) : Clash between a group of employees and Capital Development Authority (CDA) management over the jobs and some other demands have reached to a point of no return as on alleged instruction of an influential political personality Aabpara Police have registered a First Information Report (FIR) against CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi under sections of theft and threats to the group.
According to sources, Amanullah Khan group that claims to be very close to a party sitting in the government started a sit-in outside the CDA headquarters from June 6. The group was demanding that jobs should be given on merit basis. Later on they started huger strike.
Due to their sit-in the CDA chairman started sitting in the Convention Centre to avoid any confrontation but on the evening of June 8 Amanullah Group alleged that the chairman and other board members reached their hunger strike camp and dispersed them forcibly, stole their tents, carpets and other things and extended them threats. The group filed an application with Aabpara Police Station making Shabir Babar as complainant against the CDA management.
After three days Aabpara police registered FIR vide No 241 under section 506 and 379 and nominated CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi, Member Finance Saeedur Rehman, Director Security Abdul Razaq Kiyani, Director DMA Mansoor Ahmed Khan, Deputy Director Safdar Shah, Director Public Relations Ramzan Sajid and others.
An officer of CDA told Daily Times that according to the rules FIR could not be registered against an officer of grade 22 without approval of secretary of the relevant ministry. He said in this case approval of the Secretary Establishment was necessary but it was strange that police did not bother to ask him. A CDA director general said he had learnt that Rizwan Qureshi, a political personality of the city was behind the FIR. He said Qureshi frequently visited CDA with files bundles in his arms and it was his influence that police registered FIR at 3am.
Blackmailing: The officers said under the law only sitting CBA could hold a demonstration and put demands of employees before the management. They said though Amanullah Khan group was defeated in CBA election still they were trying to blackmail the management.
The officers said they were sick of the group which in past they even tortured Director DMA Mansoor Ahmed Khan and Khair Muhammad Sithar and FIRs were registered against them, but every time the CDA Chairman interfered and requested the officers to have a patch up. The officers said they were considering protests against the group and arrange a sit-in in front of Parliament House.

(Published in “DailyTimes” on Monday, June 13, 2011)

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  1. sub-engineers (civil) cda




    Respected Sir,

    With profound respect, it is to apprise that the initial selection and appointment of Sub-Engineer (Civil) and (E&M) in one batch was made through the advertisement published in the Daily Express dated 05 August 2003 and other National Press by the Capital Development Authority Engineering Wing.

    It is pointed out to mention here that simultaneously, we, the Sub Engineer (Civil) and (E&M) were appointed on 9th September 2004 vide Office Order No. CDA-8(11)-pers/88/Sec-ii/2697 dated 09-09-2004 (copy enclosed). Whereas the Sub Engineer (E&M) have been promoted to the post of Assistant Director against direct quota seat and the Sub-Engineer (Civil) have been totally ignored for promotion to the post of Assistant Director. Out of the 17 (Seventeen) E&M Sub Engineer, 09 (Nine) Sub Engineer had already been promoted and 08 (eight) have been promoted vide their promotion letter No. CDA-3(2)-HRD/95/Sec-II/943 dated 14th March 2013 (copy enclosed for ready reference) against direct reserved quota. HRD Administration, CDA, showing his favouritism to their liking persons whereas we the Sub-Engineer (Civil) have been deprived off from the right of promotion to the post of Assistant Director. We do not know, why the HRD Administration have adopted the dual policy i.e. behaviour of real mother of Sub-Engineer (E&M) and step mother of Sub Engineer (Civil).

    Honourable, it has been clearly mentioned in the CDA Employees (Service) Rules and Regulations 1992 for appointment and promotion which are reproduced hereunder for your kind perusal and favourable action please:
    a. Conditions of Promotion
    Chapter 4, Part III (4.18)
    1. “An employee possessing such minimum qualifications and length of service and fulfilling other terms and conditions specified for promotion in appendix 4 shall be eligible for promotion to a higher post for the time-being reserved for departmental promotion in cadre to which he belongs.”
    b. Promotion quota to be filled first:
    Chapter 4, Part III (4.19)
    Where a cadre ha a definite quota reserved for departmental promotion and initial appointment, promotion against the departmental quota may, as far as possible, be made first and the posts reserved for initial appointment filled later. However, this provision shall not be construed to confer any vested right to any promotion against departmental quota being made first.
    c. Seniority on initial appointment
    Chapter 6 (6.03)
    The seniority of an employee on initial appointment to a cadre or post shall take effect from the date of regular appointment to the post to which he has been initially appointed:
    (a) Person initially appointment through an earlier open advertisement or selection rank senior to those initially appointed through subsequent open advertisement or selection as the case may be
    (b) If two or more persons are appointed through the same open advertisement or if the post was not advertised through the same selection, their inter se seniority would be determined in the order f Merit assigned to them by the selection authority and is no such order was assigned, the older in Age shall be senior.
    d. Seniority on promotion
    Chapter 6 (6.04)
    The seniority in cadre or post to which an employee is promoted shall take effect from the date of regular appointment to that post:
    (a) Employees selected for promotion to a higher post on an earlier date shall, save as provided in proviso (e), be senior to those subsequently selected for such promotion.
    (b) The employees who are selected for promotion to a higher post in one batch shall, on their promotion to the higher post, retain their inter se seniority as in the lower post.
    © An employee eligible for promotion who is inadvertently omitted from consideration in the original reference or whose case is held up in circumstances beyond his control, while his junior or juniors promoted to the higher post, shall, when he is subsequently considered and is promoted without any supersession, take his seniority with the original batch.

    e Seniority on appointment by transfer
    Chapter 6 (6.05)
    Employees selected for appointment by transfer to a post/cadre in one batch shall on their appointment take seniority inter se on the basis of their date of regular appointment to the post from which they have been appointed by transfer and if such date be the same the older in age shall be senior.
    Chapter 6 (6.07)
    Inter se seniority of employees appointed by transfer, promotion or initial appointment in the same calendar year:-

    Employees appointed by transfer in a particular calendar year shall as a class be senior to those appointed or by initial appointment to such posts in that year and employees promoted to higher posts in a particular calendar year shall as a class be senior to those appointed by initial appointment to such posts that year……….
    c. Seniority on initial appointment
    Chapter- 6. (6.03.)
    That all the employees who have been appointed in the year 2004 as Sub Engineer (Civil) and (E&M) are one batch, through the same Appointment letter No. CDA-8(II)-pers/88See-II/2697 dated 09-09-2004 but regrettably we the Sub Engineer (Civil) and (E&M), regularly working as equally and deserving for promotion to the higher post equally. We are astonish to know that why Administration of HRD is showing its favouritism to their liking personnel by ignoring the others?
    Sir, this malafide of the department/authority and HRD’s administration is very much cleared from the documentary evidence that administration of HRD have adopted dual policy for Muslim and Non-Muslim. This is a clear cut a favouritism and nepotism. This is an open discrimination created by the Administration of HRD between us (Sub Engineer (Civil) and (E&M)). This malafide, favouritism, nepotism is badly affecting on the fundamental rights of the employees and their working, which is against the natural justice.
    Sir, for removing this anomaly, we have submitted many requests to the concerned officers regarding set a siding our promotion rights in abeyance by the Administration of HRD but regrettably they did not bother to pursue our request, nor to give a positive response. It means that the Administration of HRD have adopted the policy of pick and chosen according to their will and wishes, liking and disliking. This is the height of inefficiency on the part of the administration of HRD. In according with the rules and regulations, a employee possessing such requisite qualification, length of service and fulfilling other conditions is deserving for promotion.

    In view of the above mentioned circumstances, we earnestly request to your kind honour that our case may kindly be considered favourably by issuing orders to the CDA for awarding promotion from the date from the Sub-Engineer (E&M) have been promoted to the higher post of Assistant Director. The disparity created by the Administration of HRD between and Civil and E&M Sub Engineer may also be removed because both the categories have been appointed under one appointment letter. We hope that your kind honour will provide us due justice for which we are eligible.

    Sir, CDA may kindly be directed that first of all departmental promotion be made against the seats reserved for departmental promotion and then appointment be made through the administration from outside the department. It is a natural right of departmental employee for promotion on seniority basis. We hope that you intervention in our case will be highly appreciated by affected employees and we shall pray for your long life and prosperity.
    Your sincerely,
    Name Father Name Designation Place of Posting
    Wasim Shah Ghulam Nabi Shah Sub-Engineer
    BPS-16 Spl Project :CDA
    Muhammad Munir Abdullah Malano Sub-Engineer
    BPS-16 W & S (Dev ) CDA
    Ejaz Mehmood Abdul Sattar Sub-Engineer
    BPS-16 Maint Dte CDA
    Zulfiqar Ali Haji Ghulam Ali Sub-Engineer
    BPS-16 Roads (N) CDA
    Wajid Hussain Jumma Khan Sub-Engineer
    BPS-16 PL. Hostal Dte:
    Ali Gulab Muhammad Waryam Sub-Engineer
    BPS-16 Road (South ) CDA
    Amir Afzal Muhammad Bukhsh Sub-Engineer
    BPS-16 Coord. Dte:
    Abdul Rauf Muhammad Nawaz Sub-Engineer
    BPS-16 Maint Dte:
    S.M. Anas Wasti Syed Muhammad Shoaib Wasti Sub-Engineer
    Shoukat Ali Faiz Muhammad Sub-Engineer
    Khizer Hayat Nazirud Din Sub-Engineer
    Fayyaz Ali Mumtaz Ali Sub-Engineer
    BPS-16 MPO. Dte: CDA
    Waqar Asghar Asghar Ali Shah Sub-Engineer
    Sajid Shakir Ullah Shakir Ullah Khan Sub-Engineer
    Farrukh Sohail Akhtar Hussain Sub-Engineer
    Imtiaz Hussain Saqib Muhammad Shafir Sub-Engineer
    BPS-16 Water Supply

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